New Yorkers Can't Stop Copying This Celeb's Hairstlyes

by Christie Grimm · April 1, 2019

    Hair stylists know everything. From how poorly we condition our hair to which celebrity we're secretly desperate to look like. We caught up with Oscar Blandi stylist Andrew St. Pierre for a little chair-side chat, and his dish was way too good not to be shared!

    Who's the celebrity hair inspiration you see most often?

    "It would have to be the Kardashians. While many would guess it's mostly Kim, I actually see a lot of Khloe. They wear their hair in so many different styles and colors, and girls are always bringing in their photos. But, rarely do they ever realize that the picture they're pointing at saying, "Oh I want my hair to look like this!" is a wig. So of course that's difficult in a sense, just because it may not always translate in the exact same way."

    Which hair style are you seeing a lot of these days?

    "People are still very into the lob at the moment. Long layers, angles around the face. Basically, tried and true styles you can't go wrong with."

    What's the one technique every woman should try to master?

    "While knowing how to blow out your hair really well would be nice, that's just not something most people have the time or patience to master. So I would say it's actually in your best interest to know the right product to use when you get out of the shower for a natural wash and wear look. Adding on a serum or leave-in conditioner and letting it air dry looks a lot better than trying to execute something you're not great at."

    [Photo via @oscarblandisalon]