A Look At Gigi Hadid's $2000 Met Gala Manicure

by Stephanie Maida · May 3, 2016

    You remember prom. Or the last time you were a bridesmaid. Pre-event prep is all about balling out, sipping champagne in the hairstylist's chair, and feeling glamorous from head...to fingernail. Gigi Hadid is just like us; she knows no one is going to be looking at her nails on the night she makes her couple debut with her pop star boyfriend, or the night she glides in decked out in custom Tommy Hilfiger, but a manicure feels good. It's like a secret you can appreciate whenever you look down at your hands. It's all about the little things, after all. 

    But for Gigi Hadid, a simple pleasure like #flawless fingers can run up to $2000. Yep. Last night the supermodel rounded out her look with a chrome mani courtesy of KISS Nails. Her artist, Mar y Soul, overlaid her talons with reflective tips - matching those robot rings perfectly. What really kicked the price up? The three hidden crystals bedazzling the underside of each nail. Talk about a pop of bling. 

    [Photo via @nailsbymarysoul]