Aida Bicaj, Upper East Side Facialist To The Stars, Shares Her At-Home Skincare Tips

by Guest of A Guest · November 24, 2020

    Between wearing masks, the increasingly dry air, and the stress of, well, everything, I think we could all use some serious pampering right about now when it comes to our skin. But if you can't make it to Aida Bicaj's celebrity-favorite Upper East Side spa for one of her life-changing facials (or, let's be honest, just don't want to leave your house), good news! The skincare pro, who has been dubbed "a personal trainer for the face," and has worked with clients including Sienna Miller and, um, The Olsen Twins (!!!), has got all the answers when it comes to elevating your at-home routine.

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! – This is number one when it comes to helping prevent signs of aging. Drink water to hydrate your skin and clean your system – specifically the kidney and digestive systems.

    Never go to sleep without washing your face – My mother taught me that cleansing your skin is one of the most important steps in a skincare routine– and she was right! I recommend Eau Micellaire, a gentle non-invasive micellar cleanser that rids the skin of build-up while still soothing, hydrating, and toning complexions.

    Mildly exfoliate every day – This is a great way to keep the skin clean from the toxins and pollutants we interact with daily and enable it to receive the vitamins and nutrients from the skincare products we use. While a cream will protect the outer layer of the skin, the layers underneath need care too! Lotion P50W is an all-in-one toner that works well on sensitive skin, exfoliating and regenerating the epidermis without harsh ingredients.

    Pay attention to more than just your face – Youth isn’t only apparent in your face – your neck, and chest are important to pay attention to also! Whatever you do for your face, do the same for those areas to keep them youthful and hydrated as well. For your body, incorporate a body massage into each day. Use the spikier side of this Silicone Body Glove to apply Lotion P50 Corps from head-to-toe to enhance absorption of active ingredients, creating the most effective results. For the ultimate hydration, I like to use Emulsion Corps VIP O2 on the body as a follow-up to unveil a brightened and toned complexion all over. 

    Stimulate blood circulation – Don’t just exercise your body – you need to exercise your face too. Add a face massage to your morning routine to stimulate blood circulation and brighten the complexion. I swear by this Facial Massage Glove and Lait VIP O2 Milky Cleanser. Massaging in an upward motion prompts lymphatic drainage, revealing glowing radiant skin. 

    A face mask a day keeps dull, tired skin away - I'm a huge believer in daily masking in order to energize, brighten, and purify the skin. This is even more important now during COVID because many of us are outdoors less frequently and also covering the lower half of our face with masks when we leave our homes (as we should!). My favorite mask right now is the Vivant + Masque Bain De Plantes, which incorporates active ingredients to gently purify both the skin and scalp, while balancing oil excretion without dehydrating the epidermis.  

    Wearing a mask is the new norm (and necessity!), but it can wreak havoc on your skin, causing breakouts and irritation. Because of this, I stress the importance of using products that gently purify the skin, while calming any sensitivities. A few of my most highly recommended products include: 

    -Serum Placenta – a scar-healing serum that alleviates skin of irritation and can be applied alone or in combination with other quintessential serums

    -Cream Placenta – a healing and hydrating cream that reconstructs weakened and damaged skin for a refreshed, energized appearance

    -Fluide VIP O2 – an anti-pollutant that protects the skin from numerous stressors as it increases oxygen concentration on the skin’s surface and stimulates epidermal functions, while soothing and providing ultimate hydration.

    [Photos via @aida.bicaj]