The Hair Repair Bar You Didn't Know You Needed

by Christie Grimm · April 24, 2019

    As little Dakota Fanning says in Uptown Girls, it's a harsh world. And unfortunately, your hair is most definitely not immune to that fact. So, how can you finally get that shampoo commercial, crazy shiny, luscious locks look in real life? Hair Repair Bar by Giojé. A full service hair salon with stylists trained to specifically identify distressed hair and scalp conditions and repair them with organic, naturally invigorating solutions.

    Split ends got you down? Too many blowouts left you dried out? Even if you think your hair's in good shape, chances are you need to pay Giojé a visit.

    We caught up with founder Giovanny Jorge to see just what types of typical damage she and her staff work their magic on.

    What are the harshest treatments people have had done on their hair?  

    Hair bleaching from root to tip is the worst for hair health because, along with the color it is intended to remove, it strips all of the natural keratin and bond structure from the hair. I have many clients who come to the salon for color corrections after their hair has been completely destroyed. I immediately treat their hair with one of my organic hair repair therapies and let them process for at least twenty minutes with a deep conditioning protein mask before starting any color correction. Sometimes, I'll have a client come back after a week so that the hair stabilizes and is ready for color.  A close second are relaxers, which are formulated to straighten hair by breaking down its bond structure. The texture of the hair is straight but the health is jeopardized in the process. I prefer formaldehyde free keratin treatments that can accomplish a similar effect without damaging the hair.  

    What are the biggest ways people have no idea they’re sabotaging their hair health?  

    Flat ironing or using a curling iron daily is not recommend.  Using excessive heat on a daily basis risks overexposure and leads to breakage split ends and will leave the hair looking burnt. If you are going to invest in a nice single process color or highlights, go back to your stylist for the hot tools works. We have a heat safe approach to hair and our stylists are trained not to overexpose clients to heat.  We also advise clients on what to do and what not do to keep the hair looking and feeling healthy outside of the salon as well.

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