Getting A Facial Is The Best Cold Weather Activity

by Christie Grimm · February 1, 2019

    There are many 'adult' things - milestones even - that I've somehow avoided in my mature age. I'll save us both the embarrassment of laying that list bare, but the one I'll openly own up to is the fact that I have never had a facial. 

    Sure, I'd consider myself a fancy-ish person, one who's read more than her fair share of Into The Gloss articles. And sure, I've received countless email offers as a writer to experience all the different beauty procedures on the market. But, as a less is best kind of girl, I've always shied away, never making it to an esthetician. Not to say that I've had perfect skin. I've had my very fun, very self conscious moments of strategic high turtle necks, voluminous scarves and low pulled hats. But, as of the past year and a half, I've had a pretty good run of it.

    On a day where the temperature hit a whopping ten degrees, I bundled up and made a conveniently quick trip to the Heyday in Noho. One painless iPad form for first-timers later, and I was brought back to a cozy curtain drawn room with Wanda - the sweetest woman with an amazing complexion, and an even more amazing set of eyebrows. 

    Heyday offers 3 types of skincare services. 30-minute, 50-minute, and 75-minute facials with varying levels of enhancements available to tack on. But where elsewhere you may be buying a pre-outlined package, at Heyday, your Skin Therapist (for me, the lovely Wanda) spends a thoughtful amount of time personalizing your products and procedures to cater to exactly what it is you think you need and want. And what's more, they tell you everything as they're doing it. No surprises. 

    Laying there, with blankets piled on top of you, and a warm towel wrapped around your face, it's hard not to feel like this is the most amazing cold day activity. Scents are spritzed, chill music softly plays, serums are applied ("sweaters for the skin" as Wanda says). And too soon after you've started, you're standing in front of a mirror with a glowing, dewy reflection staring back.

    While I may be a less is best kind of girl, I think a recommended monthly visit for a quick skin tune up will fit plenty well within my minimalist routine. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to convince my husband to jump on the facial bandwagon as well. Where Wanda used to rarely have guy clients, they're now about 35 - 40% of her clientele. Like all good things in life, girlfriends force them to go, and they never stop.

    [Photo via @honeylisabee, @heydayskincare]