Glowbar's 30 Minute Facials Are Made For The Girl On The Go

by Christie Grimm · June 26, 2019

    Whether you're looking for a weekend moment of self care, or a quick step-away-from-the-office reset, Glowbar is your go-to spot for a no nonsense, luxe facial that will have you in, out and looking beyond your best in just 30 minutes. Really!

    Stroll into their super chic Tribeca location, easily check yourself in on an iPad, hit up their sink station (well-appointed with all the skincare goods you could need, of course) to wash your face and cozy up in their comfortable waiting area while your esthetician makes her way over. No fuss, no pretending you're not an adult human being who needs to be supervised as you confirm you are in fact here for your appointment, or explained how to wash your face. Ergo, no wasting your time. And hey - time is money, no?

    Having filled out a super short brief ahead of booking your appointment, your esthetician will have all of your information at the ready. And after a fast close look at your skin and chat about what products or treatments they'd recommend, you're horizontal, eyes closed, and ready to chill. Before you know it, you're up, looking in a mirror wondering how the hell your skin could look so fresh, bright and dew-y, and on your way to your fabulous life, with your best face to put forward.

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    [Photos via Glowbar]