Insta Drama: Jen Atkin Will NOT Have You Criticize Kim Kardashian

by Stephanie Maida · May 10, 2018

    Jen Atkin, celebrity hair guru and founder of the cult-favorite product line OUAI, is a fierce defender of her famous friends. In a recent comment on Instagram, she made it clear that if you're f*cking with the Kardashians, you're f*cking with her.

    The whole thing was pretty badass, despite being a slight overreaction.

    It all started when @gelcream, a minimalist, aesthetically pleasing beauty product review account, posted a brutally honest take on the new KKW Body Fragrance - you know, the one contained inside a miniature replica of Kim K.'s famous curves?

    "Tiny companies with tiny budgets care more than KKW’s mega-brand. No returns, no exchanges, copy-paste designs, basic formulas, generic products... isn’t Kim just a mirror reflection of our generation? I am afraid it was us who created this 'monster.' I am keeping this perfume as a symbol of America. I can’t return it anyway. $60 + another $15 for tax and 10-day shipping — 3/5 for the perfume, 0/5 for KKW beauty brand."

    Harsh, perhaps, but it's certainly not the first time someone has criticized a celeb-peddled product, let alone Kim Kardashian Kulture.

    Atkin, however, was NOT having it, posting this response on the photo:

    Yeesh! With Atkin's 2.3 million followers, it was only a matter of time before her all-caps comment garnered attention. As of now, it has over 100 replies, though many of them are calling her out for the overblown defense. To be fair, we'd probably react the same way if somebody dissed our bestie - the only difference being that our bestie isn't a public figure with a reach as far as KKW's.

    Drama aside, the buzzy post has certainly opened up a conversation on the state of the beauty business in the age of #SponCon. The comments section is worth a read.

    [Photo via @jenatkinhair]