Major Wellness News: Chillhouse Now Does Facials!

by Stephanie Maida · September 13, 2019

    Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, New York's Patron Saint of Chill, has answered all our prayers. Her LES wellness hub, Chillhouse, has finally added facials to its list of services, alongside our favorite Insta-worthy manicures, stress-busting massages, and colorful lattes. Hallelujah, for real.

    Launched this month in partnership with Dermalogica, Chill Face is your answer to professional-grade, effective, and affordable facials, officially making Chillhouse the ultimate one-stop shop for everything self-care.

    Skin services include the Chill Me Out (soothe, nourish, and protect sensitive skin), Make Me Glow (brighten and revitalize through deep exfoliation and hydration), and Clean Me Out (perfect for tackling stubborn breakouts), which are each available for 50 or 80 minute sessions ($98/$138). If you're running short on time but need a serious pick-me-up, there's the Quick Face, a high-impact treatment that gets shit done in just 30 minutes. Each facial can even be personalized with your choice of à la carte add-ons, like Gua Sha massage, eye and lip, and an LED light treatment that targets those age lines.

    And that's not the only good news. If you like to treat yo' self on the regular (which, why wouldn't you?), the facials have also been incorporated into the Chillhouse membership program, so you can save big while getting more. Now excuse us while we go practice our "resting chill face."

    [Photos via Chillhouse]