Would You Try A Marijuana Facial?

by Millie Moore · June 20, 2017

    Being a pothead is so en vogue right now, probably because it also can be totally healthy. Healthy enough that there's a spa devoted to the plant. Thank god, because we were tired of trying to claim smoking weed is healthy if you use coconut water instead of regular old tap in our bongs (and we were never quite sure if that was actually healthy for you in the first place). 

    Nature's Root out in Denver, Colorado, is the world's first spa entirely devoted to dank. "Our intentions are set to create hemp-based therapeutic and beauty products that are consciously crafted for you and for the planet," their mission statement maintains. "Hemp can heal the world, and we intend to help people rediscover that restorative power." 

    Their products are all hemp oil based because they believe hemp has healing properties. Hemp has high amounts of linoleic and linoleic acid which are in fact good for the skin. It fortifies your complexion with moisture and has antiaging benefits. It can even ameliorate psoriasis, injuries, acne, and skin lesions. The spa is vegan and eco-friendly too, so hippies are obviously welcome. They cultivate their weed on their own farms in Colorado to provide for the spa as well as create economic and agricultural growth for farmers and their families. Helping the environment, the economy, and our skin...sounds like a win-win-win, right?

    Marijuana is the fasting growing industry on the planet right now that fosters economic and agricultural growth, so it's not surprising that there's a spa devoted to it. Like juicing marijuana, marijuana massages and facials won't get you high. But there's a ton of benefits that come along with these treatments, so it's not like we're put off by the fact that we're not going to be stoned while getting a facial. But if you wanted to get high while getting healthy, there are always these marijuana wellness retreats out in Cali!

    [Photo via Getty]