Met Ball Beauty: Gigi Hadid Left Her Eyebrows At Home

by Stephanie Maida · May 2, 2017

    While plenty of adorable, A-list duos owned the red carpet at this year's Met Gala, Gigi Hadid's boy-toy Zayn was noticeably absent from her well-toned arm when she rolled up in her off-the-shoulder Tommy Hilfiger gown. Another thing she apparently left at home? Her eyebrows.

    Makeup artist Erin Parsons is seemingly the mad genius behind the look, explaining in an Instagram post that the "faux bleached" method creates "whisper brows," complemented by a bold winged liner. While Gigi's face-framers are not actually gone (thank God), Parsons used blonde brow pencils from Maybelline to create the illusion. 

    Though the disappearing act had us shook for a minute, we have to admit - we kind of dig it. However the question remains: where the hell is Zayn?!

    [Photo via @whowhatwear]