Olympia of Greece Spills Her Favorite NYC Beauty Spots

by Guest of A Guest · September 28, 2021

    Curious how you can look like a fresh faced royal turned socialite turned model?

    Olympia of Greece just spilled all of her beauty secrets in Tatler, and let's just say, we're totally taking note. Girl's pretty cool - not that she could convince us to go out and get army pants and flip flops or anything, but like, also not not that you know?

    When it comes to working on her fitness, Olympia's just a down to Earth girl who for the most part doesn't even need a gym. "I go in waves of working out. Just before lockdown I was living in New York and I became obsessed with SLT – it’s like Pilates on steroids. Then everything changed and I started doing at home Pilates classes, and now I’m just obsessed with running around Hyde Park. I used to run with my Dad’s dog in New York – he is a German Shepherd. I would go round the Central Park reservoir which is a good half an hour." 

    On the topic of nails - contrary to popular belief princesses are not born with perfect manicures, shocking I know - the bright young thing is pretty particular about where and what. 

    "I’m a huge nails person... I’m quite particular about what I want. I wear three colours: Mademoiselle by Essie which is a really nice pink, but not a really baby girly pink; or I use Bahama Mama which is a reddy purple – it’s mine and my mum’s favourite, I’m obsessed. If not one of those two, I’ll go for OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, which is a deep blue. I’ll do the occasional nail art Shellac, but it actually ruins my nails because I pick at it. When in New York I go to Think Pink downtown in Soho – it’s a really fun place. Or Uptown, I would go to Iris Nails which is great. I miss manicures in New York."

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    And just when you thought you could totally keep up with this royal next store, there's her one big beauty indulgence... "I’m obsessed with eyelash extensions. In New York I would go to this place called JJ Eyelashes on Madison and it changed my life. And I sleep with an eye mask every night and they don’t tangle – they are insane! And while you are having your lashes done, they give you complementary reflexology on your feet."

    So there you have it - run around the park, get your nails did, throw on some eyelash extensions and you're basically a modern day princess!

    Of course, if you want to be as chic as her mom, Princess Marie-Chantal, that'll take a bit more time and energy.

    "My mother is so obsessed with hair. She blow drys her hair three times per week and dyes her hair every week; if it’s not perfect she always has a brush in her hand. I will never see her out without flawless hair, it’s her obsession – and I get it, it makes her feel good. Now, I’m turning into my mother as I can’t be without a hairbrush."

    [Photo via Louis Vuitton]