Paris Hilton Just Launched Rosé Scented Perfume

by Millie Moore · July 10, 2017

    Paris Hilton is the easily one of the most innovative entrepreneurs of all time - and yes, we know that's technically a BS trust fund baby career, but she's actually amazing at it! Think about it: before Paris Hilton, who were the only people who got paid to attend parties? Birthday clowns. Bar mitzvah hype guys. Moyles. 

    So leave it to our girl to come out with an amazing invention: rosé perfume. This is so on trend, what with all the rosé products right now like gummies, deodorant. This is also so on brand for Paris because, well, does she wear anything besides pink, like, ever?

    So what exactly does our go-to summer bevvie smell like, exactly? A Real Housewife of Wherever's drunken tears during a reunion show, perhaps? Well, apparently it smells like a bouquet of roses, peonies, and neroli. The romantic and delicately feminine aroma (which is Hilton's 24th perfume) is appropriately named Paris Hilton's Rosé Rush, which floats off the tongue quite nicely.

    It was only a matter of time before we had a fun and flirty rosé scent to spritz on our tanned pulse points this summer, and who better to create it than the Princess of Pink and Partying? Loves it!

    Rosé Rush Gift Set, $65

    [Photo via Getty]