Voice Lift

Partying hard throughout college and your young adulthood can take a toll on your body. No matter how many stays in the hospital for "exhaustion" or trips to a plush rehab for your "social media addiction" (that's a real rehab program, BTW), even a cocktail of antidepressants and talk therapy cannot ameliorate the detriment that your former rock 'n roll lifestyle has inflicted on your being. Your voice, by now, is raspy from chain-smoking and screaming at a revolving door of fuckboy ex-boyfriends. On some, a raspy voice sounds chic, but on others, it can sound haggard and unhealthy. Enter the vocal lift surgery. A voice lift surgery is supposed to shave off a few years on your voice and make you sound younger. Doctors either plump up your vocal chords with fat or collagen, or they make an incision in your throat and bring your vocal chords closer together. 

[Photo via @lindsaylohanpr]

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