Even Soho House Has A Skincare Line Now?!

by Millie Moore · September 22, 2022

    Feeling like you need a glow up because you're the only one who didn't get creeped on by Adam Levine? Looking for a way to reap the benefits of going to Soho House but don't want to brave a conversation over Picantes with a crypto bro, or even worse, Sebastian Bear-McClard? All problems that your favorite social club has answers to!

    Introducing Soho Skin by Soho House

    I know what you're thinking: Wow, another completely out-of-left-field brand coming out with another skincare line none of us asked for. I gotta say, though, this one I'm more inclined to trust. As someone who has lived in hotels and has hit up OneNightStandard whenever I was locked out of my apartment (I know, I know), hotel skin and haircare have always been so kind to me. This isn't like Kim Kardashian's Skkn, which you know she doesn't even use, or Brad Pitt's Le Domaine, when his solution to looking hotter at 50 was literally just divorce. The hospitality industry knows what it's doing when it comes to pampering people - why else do people steal toilet paper from nice restaurants? 

    Not convinced yet? Soho Skin can back their sh*t up. The lineup includes everything from everyday face cream to serum to an exfoliant to a detox mask, all of which have been formulated by top cosmetic scientists in the UK. 

    The products endeavor to "restore energy, regenerate skin structure, and protect the microbiome." So whether your goal is to look refreshed while jet-setting or to look youthful enough to trick Leonardo DiCaprio into taking your phone number, this stuff clearly has you covered. And though the products were conceptualized for members, by members, you do not have to be a Soho House member to get Soho Skin (but you will get a discount if you are).

    [Photos via Soho Skin]