Butt Balms & Ass Masks? Meet The Beauty Brand You Never Knew You Needed

by Guest of A Guest · July 10, 2020

    In the world of beauty, it's easy to feel shamed by aisles of products which point to problems and promise change. And so began Sylwia Wiesenberg's quest to start BAWDY - a beauty brand that asks you to celebrate yourself and enjoy the body you're in, as is. 

    Her line of Butt Sheet Masks, Butt Balm and Nipple & Areola Sticks is a self-care situation you'll be pissed you didn't start using sooner. Butt actually! 

    Read below for Sylwia's story, and a most convincing argument for giving your tush the attention it deserves!

    How did you decide to start BAWDY?
    It was my passion for (and really my obsession with) butts that lead to the creation of BAWDY. I founded BAWDY because of my love for uniqueness in beauty and the strength of the human body, combined with the fact that the beauty industry offered absolutely nothing for butt and nipple beauty other than anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark creams. These create insecurities in women, shaming them for apparently being “imperfect.” I believe beauty is about having fun and celebrating individuality in an unapologetic way. That is why I decided to launch BAWDY.

    Why do we need to be paying more attention to our tush?
    Butt beauty is the ultimate skincare and beauty routine. Butts really do matter. They always
    have but people didn’t talk about it and flaunt it as much as they do today. In Europe, where I
    grew up, the booty and its unique beauty were always important. America has recognized its
    importance only in recent years; it is still new but we are catching up to the rest of the world. A butt workout is not enough without an outer skin beauty routine, just as relying solely on booty skin beautification is not enough without actually working out the muscle. You need two to tango.

    The butt is one of the strongest and largest muscles in our body. It is our engine to go faster for longer and be stronger at all sports. The butt is also a very unique part of our body, just like the face. No two butts look alike. The way it moves, the way it is shaped - that makes is beautiful! Lastly, the butt is a powerful part of our body that can allow us to express our sexuality.

    What's the number one comment you hear from customers?
    "Genius." Literally this is what I hear from people who are like-minded or discovering that butt beauty matters. And that makes me smile. 

    What does your own skincare routine look like?
    I believe that beauty starts with movement, so before I start applying anything I do Tonique daily for 1.5 - 2 hours every morning; basically I work my butt off haha! 

    I have a rule that whatever goes on my face goes on my butt. I cleanse with ROMER cleanser, tone with BIOLOGIQUE P50 and us a treatment, MASQUE VERNIX. Then I use BAWDY CBD BUTT BALM under my eyes and lip area and, of course, on my butt twice a day. At night the stick feels like a great self- massage all over the body. I butt mask 2-3 times a week, alternating between the sheet mask and the clay mask. I use CBD BUTT BALM on my butt skin, inner thighs and chest, under my chin and wherever I feel I need the treatment. The stick helps my muscles recover faster, too.

    I go for facials (deep cleaning is my favorite) and butt facials with Alina (she is assmazing) at Karine Kazerian.

    What do you like to do while you butt mask?
    I have no time to sit or lay down, so I usually apply the sheet mask while I make a smoothie,
    brush my teeth and get ready in the morning, or at night when I reply to my emails, read the
    news or study Duo Lingo!

    I sleep with the clay mask on since it is not your traditional crumbly clay mask. I wear shorts and sleep with it as a booty treatment.

    Can butt balm also be used on other areas of the body?
    Yes! Actually several customers have written to us sharing their uses of BAWDY’s CBD balm on their face, neck, knees and elbows. Some love to use it on their neck since it feels like a
    pressure point treatment. It took me a long time to perfect the formulation; to make it a clean
    beauty product that is fragrance free and perfectly glides on your skin.

    What's your beauty mantra?
    Unapologetic confidence to love and touch your body.