The Perfect Fragrance For Manifesting Your Dreams This 11/11 (& Beyond!)

by Natalie Decleve · November 11, 2021

    Years ago, while working through a particularly confusing breakup and a cross-country move, I began seeing 11:11 on the clock twice a day. Curious, I took to Google and found that apparently, seeing 11:11 might be “the sign” I was looking for to guide and confirm my decisions. 

    Dozens of sources cite 1111 as one of the most powerful numbers in astrology, numerology and spirituality. It is believed to be a sign of rebirth or transformation, guidance from the universe to pay attention and listen to your intuition. In my case at the time, this could not have been more true and when I signed my new lease on 11/11 I felt validated and confident in my choice. 

    In the several years since then, 11:11 has popped up in wildly synchronistic ways, always in times of transition. Whether subconscious or real, I’ve gotten so much guidance from the numbers that I became a) more woo-woo than ever before and b) a sucker for all things 11. Which is why, when I spotted Lake and Skye’s 11 11 fragrance, I knew it had to be mine. Thankfully, it’s more than just a fun name and the perfumed oil happens to have the most deliciously light, musky scent that I always seek when perfume shopping. The amount of compliments that I get when wearing the scent convinced me that my signature scent was born. Now, with the biggest day of the year for manifesting, November 11th, upon us–I caught up with Lake and Skye’s founder, Courtney Somer to find out what the numbers mean for her.

    What does 11 11 mean to you personally? Have you had any unique experiences with the number?
    I love the numbers and feel lucky when I see them, especially on the clock at 11:11. I use it as a reminder to take a minute, literally, to stop whatever I’m doing and take a deep breath, refocus and of course, make a wish. A friend started working with me as a freelancer and once she started wearing the perfume she kept seeing the numbers, she even landed in Paris and the pilot said, the local time is 11:11!

    Is there a story behind the 11 11 fragrance and why you chose the name?
    I became a student in wellness years ago after experiencing a health crisis in my 20s. There was much less conversation and information around the wellness information we have now. I went to a healer on a whim who was able to diagnose my condition and give me tips and lessons I had never heard before. I went on to study various forms of wellness techniques over the next 10+ years and spent hours studying numerology, specifically the master numbers (for example numbers repeating in a row like 333), and what they mean. It was at the same time I was formulating my first fragrance and when trying to think of the name, 11 11 made the most sense. Not only was the scent itself so ethereal, light, airy and had a mythical quality to it, but it was also clear, the name really fit so well.

    Will you or the brand be doing any rituals or celebrations on 11/11 this year?
    Yes! We are giving away 11 of the 11 11 rollerballs, via Instagram. Follow @lakeandskye for details.

    Natalie Decleve aka "Natty Style" is a Holistic Personal Stylist based in New York City. Natalie brings style and clarity to the wardrobes and lifestyles of men and women all around the world. Effortless, confident, thoughtful. Find her on Instagram @natty_style.

    [Photos courtesy Lake & Skye]