This App Tells You If Those Expensive Skincare Products Are Actually Working

by Eliza Solomon · August 16, 2017

    These days there is an app to track every aspect of our boring, daily lives. We can track our steps, our calories, our menstrual cycles, and now we can even track our faces, and whether the beauty products we buy are actually effective

    If you are a skincare junkie and want to know if the products that are worth a month's rent are actually doing something good for your face, download YouCam Makeup. The app allows you to track your skin health every day with skin analysis tools and a Skin Diary feature. Here's the catch: you have to take a selfie in the same place at the same time, in the same lighting, each day so that you get the ultimate progress results.  

    The app scores your skin health based off of a database of other people's faces. Your face is scored within four categories: spots, wrinkles, textures, dark circles. The higher you score in each category, the higher your overall skin assessment is and the healthier your skin is. 

    Now your daily selfies can come to some real use, other than gaining likes. See once and for all if that $100 night serum is worth it.

    [Photo via @clinique, @youcamapps]