This Celebrity Hairstylist's New Line Of Oils Is Magic!

by Christie Grimm · January 2, 2018

    You know how your hair is just like on a different level when you leave the salon? Like, somehow, within that hour and fifteen minutes, they managed to make it feel the healthiest it's ever been?

    Tucked away over in a corner of Chelsea, Three Squares Studio is the secret celebrity hair salon you never knew you needed to visit. For years, devotees such as Marc Jacobs, Brian Atwood, and Andre Balazs have trusted sought after stylist and salon founder Jordan Blackmore with their coifs. And now, you can take his magic touch home with a product line of game-changing oils that will revitalize and transform even the dullest of dry, winter hair into enviably luscious locks.

    A serum and oil pre-wash hair treatment specially designed to protect and strengthen the hair against chemical, mechanical and environmental damage, S.OIL, most importantly, smells amazing. Available in three scents - Aspen (Sandalwood + Clove), Willow (Clove + Grapefruit), and Oak (Lavender, Vanilla + Bergamot) - this little bottle is the chic addition every well appointed vanity needs.

    Tired of sad hair? Use it before the beach, before the gym - even use it as a 2-for-1 on your skin!

    [Photos via @soilhair]