This Scalp Facial Is The Luxe Treatment You Didn't Know You Needed

by Christie Grimm · October 16, 2019

    One of my top five least favorite things in the world? Having my hair washed at a salon. Torture. Waterboarding masqueraded as luxury. Sitting there with your neck craned back, positive that your face looks all sorts of unattractive as you wonder whether opening your eyes will make everything ten times more awkward, or if it's rude to keep them closed, while small sudsy streams snake down into your ears. In those moments I could truly crawl out of my body.

    I've learned to prepare myself for this most unfortunate inevitability in life. And yet, on my most recent visit to the ultra chic Pierre Michel salon, where not only did I get a fabulous chop, but spent even more time in the shampoo chair than usual, I was shocked with my delight at the experience. Which means you should really listen up.

    The newest must-try service offered at the midtown beauty staple, the “Head Spa” is essentially a facial for your scalp. Which if you think about it, sounds like something we should have been doing forever, no? A hair restoration service all the rage in Japan, it starts with a strategic scalp massage to lift up large muscles. And let me tell you, stylist and Head Spa specialist Yoshie Sakuma gives the best scalp massage. Following her hand magic, Yoshie will basically tent your scalp for the Spa Mist application. Think a shower cap with a warm mist of microscopic water particles being blown in. So extremely silly looking, but incredibly relaxing. Then more hydrating and moisturizing products are massaged in to round out the very self-care feeling experience.

    Before beginning the process, Yoshie takes an ultra magnified photo of your scalp. Compared with the after photo, you can see just how real the results are - cleaning up your scalp of any dryness, dandruff and oiliness that can be caused by sulfates and product that gets left behind. It also works to detox hair, restore hair volume, and stimulate the hair cells for thicker and improved growth, which I think we can all agree is a desirable outcome.

    Looking to put a serious pep in your hair's step? Do believe the hype and book Yoshie for a Basic 45 minute session, or Luxury hour-long session!

    [Photo via @milbonusa]