Marijuana Bath Bombs Make Self Care A High Priority

by Millie Moore · October 23, 2017

    We've told you time and again that party girls are the true health gurus since wine, sex, and breast implants totally have a hand in longevity. And we've confirmed how a few substances your yoga instructor claims are bad for you make some of the best beauty products (champagne shampoo, anyone?).

    Now, a new wellness must-have is taking bath time to seriously medicinal new heights.

    You've heard of wake and bake, but have you ever soaked and toked? Ganja babes, get excited for weed bath bombs! Sure, like most marijuana health, fitness, and beauty products, they don't get you high. The bomb, by Japanese skincare brand Mirai Clinical, contains CBD, which alleviates anxiety and pain, and acts as an anti-inflammatory to alleviate swollen feet from heels or bumps and bruises from pilates. 

    Sure, they aren't as trippy or glittery as Lush bath bombs, but still, it's weed. Talk about a serene way to soak!

    [Photo via @alexpiaramcg]