Women Are Spending $50,000 To Look Like Ivanka Trump

by Stephanie Maida · September 27, 2017

    While we're still not over the fact that an overwhelming amount of people in the world want to date dudes that look like Donald (seriously, wtf?), it's not all that surprising that many women are currently aspiring to look like his daughter, Ivanka. We mean, the prez said it himself, "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her."

    Sure, she's got the perfect shade of socialite blonde, but a face to go under the knife for? We're not so sure.

    According to New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, who spoke to Page Six, there's been an overwhelming uptick in requests for "The Ivanka" since the 2016 primaries, with patients dropping anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 for "widened cheekbones, a slender nose and large eyes." Not to mention plenty of Botox and fillers.

    Hey, we support everyone's right to look and feel their best - and if that requires some surgery to look like the princess of Washington, so be it. As long as nobody coughs up $50K for some Ivanka-approved grammar advice, we're sure all these wannabes will be fine.

    [Photo via @alwaysivanka]