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Make Him Come Clean with Clear Skin

I like to keep it simple with my facial wash and so do most guys. While tap water is fine and dandy, it's not always pure. Recently I've tried Bioderma Hydrabio H 20 and love how effective it is for sensitive skin.  Its fatty acid esters, the constituent elements of micelles, are similar to the phospholipids of the skin cell membranes and naturally help rebuild the skin's hydrolipidic film.

With the change of temperatures, skin can go crazy, especially as it starts to produce more sweat and clog your pores. Including shaving, sometimes the irritation can leave a man's face less than perfect. 

This past SXSW Zyderma was there to help out traveling musicians in the hot Austin Sun. Perfect for shaving, Zyderma HS a Clarifying Cream utilizing Elemental Silver. It's completely vegan, gluten-free and suitable for an active man's lifestyle.  

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