"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" The Marc Jacobs After Show Party At The Grand Ballroom In The Pierre Hotel

by Yumi Matsuo · February 14, 2012

    Last night, Marc Jacobs hosted his after show party at the Grand Ballroom in the Pierre Hotel.

    Guests included Kim Gordon, Dakota Fanning, Rachel Feinstein, J. Alexander, Nicol Knutson, Lorenzo Martone, John Currin, Brendan Boyd, Baelyn Neff, Richard Phillips, Josephine Meckseper, Terry Richardson, Jared Leto, Lisa Yuskavage, Sean Landers, Yvonne Force Villareal, Alex Cespedes, Adele Mildred, Steven Jones, Robert Duffy, Derek Blasberg, John Reinhold, and Francine Prose.

    [Photo: Lorenzo Martone, Dakota Fanning, Marc Jacobs, via]

    The Kills had their final performance for fashion week at the after party. Mrs. Hince, aka Kate Moss, was not in attendance, which was surprising as Marc Jacobs is one of her closest friends.

    Stanley Stuyvesant (@guestofaguest) tweeted:

    #marcjacobs and his party crew en route to #electricroom, #dontsaywedidntwarnyou

    Derek Blasberg (@DerekBlasberg) tweeted:

    The Kills killed it at Marc Jacobs afterparty at the Pierre. Third time I've seen them this week. Not sure if I'm a stalker or a groupie...

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