"Best 2K Ever Spent!" Model Behavior At The Brooklyn Bowl

by CHRISTINE LAI · August 10, 2010

At the most recent Deep End at Brooklyn Bowl, the official after party to the Jelly Pool Party, the crowd was in full party mode with boogeying down to the DJ's mixes, constant refills on drinks, and the usual hipster behavior of weird expressions and randomness. -

Thanks to American Apparel there is a fine line between model and hipster. The skinny body types, close to naked outfits, and stoic nature of both made them almost indistinguishable.

GROWL and be fierce.

Please don't feed the...A) Models or B) Hipsters

Giving us Blue Steel in a blue shirt.

Strike a Pose

Flaunt those high cheek bones by not smiling.

Models and hipsters think they can get away with anything apparently including a wearing a murse.

Nearly naked and rib bones in view, definitely model behavior.

[All photos via Nicky Digital]