"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Strippers Make The Best Valentines

by Chiara Atik · February 16, 2010

[All photos by Zach Hyman for PMc] Fashion week! It's so girly! Can we get some testosterone up in here? Oh, a Valentine's Day Party featuring about five naked strippers? Yep, that'll do.-

Sunday evening, New Yorkers tired of primly sitting in folding chairs looking at dresses headed over to the Westside Gentleman's Club for some good, old fashioned stripping. The party, thrown by Evisu, Jacques Magazine, and The Smile, boasted a surprising number of (clothed) women for a party at a Gentleman's club, where revelers of both gender seemed happy to let off some Fashion Week steam or pent up Valentine's Day resentment. On the guest list: Cassie Coane, Carlos Quiarte, Sabine Heller, Waris Ahluwalia, and actor Justin Theroux. More (relatively) safe for work pictures below...

Mariko Munro, Carlos Quirarte          Cassie Coane

Sabine Heller Frances Tulk-Hart, Madeline Froomar

Waris Ahluwalia                             Lysa Cooper, Bebe Cornell


Jason Bryder, Walker Heineman, Derek Hester

Nick Hunt, Marc Dimov, Joe Schildhorn

Justin Theroux, Cassie Coane

Sarah Bradford