"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Blinded By The Light At Ella Lounge

by CHLOE POST · August 6, 2010

Ella Wednesdays at Ella Lounge have always provided a mix-tape of beautiful people. And this Wednesday was no different, with a swing of the magic wands that were going around, the party-fairies entranced the guests with a night of free-form debauchery. -

Blinded by the hypnotizing rage fest, guests drank vodka from the bottle, chugged PBRs and danced in a sea of bubbles and furry-headed friends.

Guests could only shield themselves from the mystical partying mayhem with protective eye-wear. Over-sized sunnies were a necessity to survive the night. And with face-melting performances by Bad Decision, Lucas Walters, Shanedaddy, Paul Devro and Diplo the crowd was left in a hype-crazed daze...

And whatever you do.. Don't remove the protective eyewear...

Or else you might leave the bar with an elephant. Literally.

[All images via Nickydigital.com]