"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Cafeteria Politics at Hot Pursuit

by CHLOE POST · August 9, 2010

All of Brooklyn's finest came out with their dancing shoes strapped on for a wild night of tunes provided by VHS or Beta, Kids With Snakes and more.. As guests made their way around the industrial space we were strangely reminded of our (often traumatic) middle school years and the most crucial way to establish your status...

The search for the perfect table in the cafeteria to call your own. We ran into some of the most memorable groups from our past, and weeded our way through them to find the one that was just right for us.

The Extreme Sports Freaks who boldly climb fences, jump off picnic tables and roll down hills during recess.

The kid who won the science fair. Keep moving, that'll, like, be total social suicide.

The Loner, her Mom won't let her wear a bra... Or deodorant.

The Cool Girls who get to go to the mall after school and wear matching mini-backpacks.

The Rebellious Crowd who give themselves piercings with safety pins during study hall.

The kid who sleeps through all of his classes.

The "PDA Couple," making out behind the bleachers as everyone stares in awe. Avoid these two unless you've already taken health class and can handle the graphic nature of their relationship.

Your best bet: The Big-Mouthed Rich Girl ... So what if she'll tell all your secrets to the whole school? Her cousin's best friend's boyfriend's sister totally met NSYNC once.