"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Cinco De Mayo Lives Forever At RdV

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 12, 2010

Cinco de Mayo is over, but the best photos are only now making their way onto the interblag. Roxy Cottontail performed at RdV that night, and the celebrants got muy loco. In honor of the occasion, we're employing our abhorrently limited Spanish skills.




Because we are foolish, we only speak German; until there's a Fuenfte Mai party (hint: there is not and never will be), our foreign language skills are useless. But we've been brushing up on the language of Evita and Estefan, and we're super excitado to show off our skills.

Oh, que incendio! Que lastima!

Que pasa with la cera? Esta a nuevo trend? Seriously, what the demonio?

Blech. Grosero.

Rihanna is the lengua universal.

Esta muy grande "bros."

No! No! No! Pobrecito pinata.

Ai! You guys are rufians viciosos.

This is muy suspicaz. Remember: Si ves algo, di algo!


Es Sergeant Pepper's Solitario Corazons Banda Musical.

Besame, besame mucho.

She is el diablo! El diabla? These stupid genders are muy confuso.

Verdaderamente this is a scene from a telenovela.

Hermano, soy atento, there's un incendio really close to your cara.

Don't be so triste, dude. Cinco de Mayo will come again al ano que viene.

[All photos courtesy of KirillWasHere]