"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Day & Night In The Garden At Revel, Weekend 2

by SARAH MANDATO · October 12, 2009

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Well, it looks like the brothers Koch have successfully brought Day & Night from the beach to the city. Coming off a successful second week, the garden at Revel is the place to be. This weekend's daytime debauchery held special significance, doubling as the birthday of Team Hamptons Editor, Kendra Seay. Is day the new black? With sparklers looking just as cool in the light, who knows...we might actually get some sleep after dark, for once. What an interesting concept, although unlikely. They don't call NYC The City That Never Sleeps for nothing. We live up to that title, proudly. All this means is that the Battle of the Brunches season calls for partying double time. Better get ready to rally for a serious Fall, kids.

JT, that cannot be safe.

[Additional photos via SBE Photography].