"Best 2K I Ever Spent": Défilé Etam Lingerie In Paris

by Sun Kersor · January 27, 2011

Paris Fashion Week brought it in terms of lingerie with Défilé Etam's shockingly sexy undergarments getting all jewel toned and Red Light District-y. Check out how the ladies are wearing their skivvies this year...

Karolina Kurkova knows how to work it in a veiled hat. It's coy, yet bold.

NB: As long as your lips are bright and match the streaks in your hair, you've got it.

Even a shiny tiara may not distract you from patterns gone bad.

But just drape a mantel 'round your back and become a wizardess. Strut your magical stuff.

Burlesque is in. Use your red feather fan to cool yourself off from the hotness...

[Images via Huffington Post]