"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" DJ Steve Aoki's "Sunglasses At Night"

by SARAH MANDATO · October 6, 2009

This weekend DJ Steve Aoki tore up Montreal's Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) auditorium for his "Sunglasses at Night" show. Sometimes known as "Kid Millionaire," it's nice to see that the Benihana heir and founder of Dim Mak Records still knows how to work the turntables, and when the need arises, climb on top of them. Peeps Canadia (I love saying that) totally dug the show, some even misplacing their pants (below) in the fervor. I hate when that happens.

No pictures, no pictures

DJ Steve Aoki DJ Steve Aoki

DJ Steve Aoki

DJ Steve Aoki

[Photos via Cobrasnake and Wan Tickets].