"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" East Side Social Club At Blind Barber

by CHRISTINE CHUNG · August 5, 2010

Tuesday nights have been resurrected again, thanks to the re-launch of East Side Social Club. It was night full of pizza and hula-hooping fun held at Blind Barber, a barbershop cum lounge in the East Village. There were even identical twins and some Mad Men lookalikes. Conclusion? Another excellent night.

The move from previous locale Black & White marks a new era of lounging on vintage couches and sipping Sweeney Todds. Not too shabby for your typical Tuesday night!

There were oxford shirts galore!

There was hula-hooping!

There was hula-hooping and oxford shirts, combined!

There were identical twins! (This makes us miss Lindsay's Parent Trap days...)

Madmen! Who knew Harry Crane spent his evenings moonlighting as a DJ?

Midge strikes a pose.

Some admen letting loose.

A bespectacled Sal Romano.