"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Every Birthday Should Be Treated As A "Milestone"

by SARAH MANDATO · January 21, 2010

Nicolas VinsonneauAs far as birthdays go, thirty-three is sort of underwhelming. There are no cool milestones like getting to drink (legally), or even semi useful new opportunities, like suddenly being able to rent a car. You also don't get any age group mystique. For example, you're far too young to start throwing that salt and pepper older man thing to the younger girls. What to do to mark the occasion, then? Throw a rager, of course.

Nicolas Vinsonneau did exactly that for his thirty-something celebration, where the usual suspect Revel sparklers were brought out in a tattooed cake, freeing up those champagne bottle necks for friends to grab for chugging and spraying all over the place. Thank goodness.

Neal Batra

[Photos via Nicolas Vinsonneau].