"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Fabien's (Spring Break) Birthday Brunch

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 15, 2010

[Photos via Kirillwashere] How quickly can a brunch at Revel turn into a knock-down, drag out, wet and wild champagne fest? It turns out, when it's Fabien's birthday, it's almost instantaneous.

But oh, things started out innocently enough. There was actually brunch, even though it rained like no other on Saturday. As for the eatery, some kind of nice-looking waffle or floured pastry with berries berries was served. And it looks like some people got to enjoy their food before the wild rumpus started. They're the lucky ones.

There was also conversation and even a little bit of love, which surely shows this "brunch" (we suppose we should start using quotes now) started off with the best intentions.

And now we see things start to go south. Or north. (It depends on how important staying dry is to you. And whether you'd rather be drenched in water or champagne.) It's pretty clear which one Fabien prefers.

Then, people started taking off their clothes. Because they're wet! And a Saturday brunch is the worst place to catch a cold. Even though that whole "wet clothes" thing is kind of a myth, it's too risky.

And then it kind of turned into spring break in Cancun. No biggie. It's just hard to remember it didn't start off that way. And it's also surprising nobody lost an eye.

And nobody was safe. Not even Drek Martinez, who DJ-ed, or photographers. So if you were there and that nice little number you wore had to make a trip to the cleaners, don't pick it until tomorrow so they can make sure they got all the stickiness out of it. You've got other "brunches" to attend, after all.