"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Far East Movement, Little John, And LMFAO At Quo

by Chiara Atik · January 13, 2010

Far East Movement, Little Jon, and and LMFAO performed at Quo on Saturday night. All three groups obviously have a great relationship with their fans; Lil Jon, in fact, was so concerned about the hydration of the girl at left that he personally made sure she got something to drink. Thoughtful!In all seriousness, all the performers DID seem to have a lot of fun with the crowd, happily interacting with them throughout the night, and it's hard to tell who had more fun: the audience or the bands. Another important element of the evening? Lots and lots of Vodka. And some tequila. Heck, a Lawrence Welk concert would get rowdy with THAT much alochol, so you can imagine how things with this crowd went...

[All photos via Kirill]