"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Gladdammit Party at Beauty Bar, Don't Get Your Hair Did Drunk!

by REBECCA MACATEE · December 8, 2010

Gladdammit's 6th Anniversary Party at Beauty Bar brought together a hodgepodge of pretty people. The attractive crowd hammed it up, all eager for their hotness to be frozen on film! Clothes came off, inhibitions went away, and for one grand night everyone felt perfectly beautiful. Check out the lovely shots ...

A real dog even got in on the action!

This guy ripped off his shirt and got to whippin' his hair when the DJ played his fav, Willow Smith.

And she's more than just a pretty face. She's a nose-ring and an impeccable set of eyebrows.

You're attractive. No, you're attractive. We're BOTH attractive! It doesn't matter. Close your eyes and kiss me for the cameras!

Never get your hair did while under the influence... Actually, Sleeping Beauty there should always keep those naturally red tresses chemical free!

"Everyone, everyone look at me!" He screamed with glee. "I AM THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOY IN THE BAR!"

But then again, it's tough for anybody to compare with a dog's cuteness... Look at him charming the girl while he's busy checking out another lady! Puppy's a player.

Listen, after three-drinks everyone looks a little worse for the wear. This image-conscious cutie shields her face and flaunts her fab, animal-print nails at the end of the evening.

Gorgeous. You can all make me over anytime!

[via nickydigital]