"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Guests At Provacateur Drink It Straight From The Bottle

by Mara Siegler · November 2, 2010

The alcohol didn't stay anchored to the table, contents precisely measured into tidy cups full of cranberry juice during Provocateur's Halloween bash.  Instead, guests drank straight from the bottle.

And it makes sense. Mixing a drink takes time, effort, and a smidgen of sobriety. Why use a cup when you have 750ml of French vodka just waiting to be poured down your throat?  Besides, adding a bit of orange juice not only distills the distinctive burning taste of pure Grey Goose, it also lessens your ability to get wasted as quick as possible. If it's not at least 80 proof, don't ingest.

To up your hardcoreness: Bottle plus shot simultaneously.

And when the bottles empty and the booze runs dry, just lick the person next to you.

[All photos via KirillWasHere]