"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Halloween Costume or Crazy Person?

by Mara Siegler · October 29, 2010

Word of advice to those dressing up this Halloween: If you're wearing a costume, be photographed next to someone in costume. Why? Chances are this photo will be seen out of context at some point, probably on Facebook. where the time and setting are not expressly clear and wonder, "Is that a costume or have they lost their mind/joined a cult/discovered a new alternative lifestyle or fetish?" Take a look at these photos. You be the judge.

Halloween or should alarmist and misinformed parents call the cops?

This rule works inversely. If you're not wearing a costume, stand next to someone who is not in costume. Example: Halloween or has this man taken his fanboy love for Pirates of the Caribbean a step too far?

Halloween or a couple who busted out of the insane asylum and hopped a cruise ship to sail away from those trying to track them down?

Halloween or episode of Law & Order in which Munch cracks down on a Furry?

Halloween costume or this woman has a new performance artist friend?

Do you see what I mean? A rule to live by.

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