"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Halloween Or Williamsburg? Costume Ideas For The 99%

by Chelsea Burcz · October 26, 2011

Williamsburg, over the past decade, has grown into a hubub of artists and artist-wannabes. Hence, when walking down Bedford Avenue at any particular time, you WILL come across people dressed like they are: a) homeless (but they most definitely aren't) b) just got home from a rave or c) work at American Apparel. Now if you think about it, all of these categories of clothing can fall under how one would dress for Halloween. Which is why this amazing tumblr, Halloween or Williamsburg?, has only pointed out the obvious - but still, it's hilarious. So if you a part of the 99% and can't afford a costume this year, here's ten "creative" ways to pull together a Halloween look... [Photos and captions by HOW]