"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Hard NYC Is So Sci-Fi

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 6, 2010

Hard HARD presented HARD NYC at Teminal 5 this week. Boys Noize, Major Lazer, and others blasted the crowd with music, rocketing the audience into a science fiction epic . . .-

Buraka Som Sistema, an MC and DJ, set helped our club kids get in touch with their inner George Lucas lovers, while Proxy made its USA debut. Also on hand was Destructo and, of course, many, many sweaty partygoers ready to rocket out into a universe filled with monsters, hi-tech weapons, double-crosses, and space sluts. Up up and away!

A new shipment of laser guns has come in on the black market. Thank God. Everyone loves laser guns.

Now our crack team of space heroes can get down to business. Tough-Yet-Vulnerable-Ellen-Ripley-From-Alien-Ripoff!

Our intrepid spaceship mechanic.

Our intrepid spaceship mechanic 2.0.

Monsieur Pose With Mic.

The Brothers Jacket, an acrobat duo.

And Captain Jamz! He faces a horde of space gremlins. The blonde space gremlin on the lower left looks like she's having second thoughts.

Captain Jamz must inject himself with yellow tracksuit onesie serum to fight the gremlins.

It works! He dives into the fray.

The gremlins are everywhere!

No, I mean they're really everywhere. And adorable.

Then a space fluff monster appears.

The space fluff monster likes to eat laser guns, which is unacceptable, because there's no way our heroes are sacrificing their flippin' sweet laser guns.

One of the Brothers Jacket steps in and vanquishes the enemy with a well-timed jump.

Disaster averted, our heroic crew celebrates!

They share the joy with their laser guns, who have become like children to them.

Uh oh. Space sirens appear to tempt our heroes.

No! Stay clear! There are evil laser guns hidden in their breasts!

And the half-naked ones are the most dangerous.

Luckily, our hero's devotion to his crush/possible secret twin sister keeps him from falling under the space sirens' spell.

Everyone is super-relieved. But unbeknownst to them, their crew member with the red hair is working for the enemy.

And then the clones appear. When the clones appear, you're really screwed. (No, it's not a mirror. There are no mirrors in space.)

Escape plan: into hyperspeed and on to the next adventure!

[All photos by Nicky Digital]