"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Hot Hot Hot Party Lives Up To Its Name

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 13, 2010

[All photos from PMc] Dana and Richard Kirschenbaum's Semi-Annual Hot Hot Hot Party at SOBs NYC was, indeed smoking. Marla Maples was there! We miss Marla's lovely but immobile face. Brazilian dancers were there! We miss Brazil. We miss many things.

Also reminding us that we want to dance until the sun comes up every single night, hot or not, were Donny Deutsch, Gregg Weinstein, Tiffany Trump, Rob Wiesenthal, and other glamorous yet sweaty folks.

We really truly miss the days when Marla Maples was Madame Trump. We would be overjoyed if she and Melania formed a beach volleyball twosome.

Richard is the only person not tempting heatstroke by wearing leather.

We miss man-cuddles.

We miss making questionable (but cool-looking!) dress decisions.

We miss twirling around the dance floor, our faces red, our feet painful, all eyes on us.