"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" How To Survive In The Wild

by SUSANNAH LONG · July 20, 2010

We're all so used to partying in dimly lit clubs that it's easy to forget there's a wide, wonderful world out there until the next music festival rolls around. Perhaps a refresher course on the great outdoors is in order.

Assemble a crew of faithful friends to adventure with you. As long as a couple of them are slower runners than you, the bears will eat them first.

Bring your sunglasses and swimsuit! Or at least part of your swimsuit. Every little bit helps.

Pack sunscreen.

Practice vogueing. Mother Nature loves it when people vogue.

When night falls, don't take off your sunglasses. Looking cool trumps vision. Stars schmars.

Be aware that many others may be trying out their survival skills as well.

Any trace of civilization, however ramshackle, can aid you in your endeavors.

Wear bright colors. You will look cute. And animals won't eat you because they will think you are poisonous.

Relax. Have fun!

But don't forget to practice wrestling. When the Hill People come to eat you, you will need to know how to rassle them.

When you're hopelessly lost and out of supplies, there's no shame in sitting on the barren earth and waiting for death to come.

[All photos courtesy of WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight]