"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" If You're A Single Man In New York, You Might Want To Go To The Next Attica Party

by Chiara Atik · October 21, 2010

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Put a hundred or so of the most attractive women in New York in a room with eighty reasonably attractive New York guys, throw in an open bar, and you've got yourself an Attica Party!


Last Friday, Attica and Grey Goose hosted a "007 Black Tie Event"  at 1Oak. Guests were instructed to arrive in Bond Gear, which of course meant the guys wore tuxes and the girls wore a range of things that seemed like plausible wardrobe choices for women with names like "Pussy Galore" or "Holly Goodhead".

For every reasonable attractive guy at the party, it seems like there were three insanely hot (often negligibly dressed) women. Of course New York has always been a guy's town, but this is sort of ridiculous. We can't even picture a scenario where the reverse ratio were true for women, because it's just so unfathomable.

Have fun, New York guys, you earned it deserve it might as well take advantage of it.