"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Jayma Cardosa's Birthday Party At GoldBar

by SARAH MANDATO · October 28, 2009

[Photos by Rob Rich]. Last Thursday, Jayma Cardosa, co-owner of Cain, GoldBar and  Surf Lodge celebrated her birthday with a big party at GoldBar. Besides having friends like buisness partner Jamie Mulholland, Sports Illustrated model (and wife of Andy Roddick) Brooklyn Decker, Michael Musto, Alan Rich, Rob McKinley, Sean Evans, Autumn Holley,  Steve Kasuba Jasmin Rosemberg, and others; these two gems on the left showed up, and put on quite a show!

More photos of the birthday celebration below...





Jayma Cardosa

Jamie Mulholland, Sean Evans, Brooklyn Decker

Jayma Cardosa with friends

Michael Musto, Alan Rich, Raquel Monterce, Inssaf Najid

Rob McKinley, Autumn Holley, Nil, Matt Kibble