"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Jessica Rosenblum's Birthday At Juliet

by Chiara Atik · March 5, 2010

Wednesday night, Jessica Rosenblum celebrated her birthday at Juliet. Who is Jessica Rosenblum? Well, funny you should ask...-

We had no idea either, but apparently this blonde event planner and self-styled DJ groupie is BFF with DJ Cassidy and Diddy (pictured below at LAST year's birthday party at Mr.West.) Also, she seems to party. A lot. After what seems to have been a debauched night at Juliet, Rosenblum was raring to go on Thursday where she partied at Greenhouse, where despite being "" craaazy tired" she managed to party until two am. Obviously we can learn a lot from Jessica Rosenblum.

DJ Cassidy, O'Neal, Jessica Rosenblum, Diddy

Diddy didn't make the festivities this year (he's in Paris, being photographed) but DJ Cassidy stopped by to pay his respects, and even wrote about it on his blog.

Happy Birthday J-Rose (Can we call you J-Rose?) We can only hope to be partying as hard when we're 43 32 18?

This guy looks a little lost...

[All photos via Kirillwashere.com]