"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Keyboards For Blondes

by Chiara Atik · November 19, 2009

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How often do you take your keyboard out dancing? Probably not often enough. The girls at left are so thrilled with their new pink keyboards, they took them out to Kiss N'Fly to celebrate.-

I'm really happy I'm not blonde. My hair color allows me to operate a normal computer with ease. I've been a little worried about Rachelle, though. Sure, she's a successful business woman who has managed to deftly helm a popular website for two years. Still.......she's blonde.

Sometimes I look over and see her there, just, STARING at the keyboard, a look of total frustration on her face. So I go over and gently ask, "Rachelle....which key are you looking for?"

"The one....the one to make it BIG!" she cries.

"Shift?" I ask. She nods, tearfully.

I really need to buy her "Keyboard For Blondes" for Christmas.

In fact, I'm really amazed we've managed to survive this long without one. And I know Rachelle will be so in love with her new keyboard (it's pink, because it's been scientifically proven that all blondes love pink) that when she's done with work for the day, she'll want to unhook it from the computer and take it dancing, just like these girls!

In addition to frolicking with computer parts, last night's event at featured music by DJ Francesco Civetta, as well as a fashion show with designs by Allison Heyden and Karolina Zmarlka . The event was hosted by Cristina Civetta and Michael Politi, of the newly formed PSPR. Guests included Jared Clark, Kim Bates and Robert Fowler.