"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Letting It Out At Lit

by Chiara Atik · February 19, 2010

What do you do when you're exhausted from attending Fashion Shows all week, celebrating your birthday for seven days straight, or working 24/7 for Kelly Cutrone? You head to Lit Lounge and let off some steam, obviously.-

Stefanie Skinner, that docile, put-upon soul who quietly takes on massive amounts of work at People's Revolution with only a sigh and her sad, sad eyes to give away her inner turmoil, seems to be faring a lot better this Fashion Week than last. She's barely recognizable now: she looks so much HEALTHIER, and the fact that she is actually out during Fashion Week proves that she must be feeling a little less overwhelmed. (Seriously, watching "Kell On Earth" had me worried for the poor girl.) Maybe the second Fashion Week not-as-an-assistant really is THAT much easier. Or maybe Kelly herself, while watching the episodes, was like "Whoaaa, girl, you need some vitamins. And like, sleep."

Also at Lit on Wednesday were birthday girls Harley Viera Newton and Cassie Coane partying with fashion designer darling Alexander Wang. They had a massive blowout birthday party over the weekend, but apparently the presence of Jared Leto was not celebration enough for them. According  to Harley's twitter, the girls are intent on celebrating their birthday ALL WEEK, which meant partying just as hard on Wednesday as on the weekend, before heading off to LA for MORE celebration (with Jessica Stam.)

@harleyvnewton I'm in LA! Don't know how I got here / don't even remember leaving Lit but I'm stokkkked.

Happy birthday...again, girls! And keep up whatever you're doing, Skinner!

Alexander Wang, Hanne Gaby Odiele

Harley Viera Newton, Cassie Coane

Stefanie Skinner

[All images via The Cobra Snake]