"Best 2K I Ever Spent": Love Story Telling Ignites The Fires Of Passion

by Sun Kersor · February 8, 2011

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Money can't buy you love, but you might bank on some well-phrased narratives to get those amorous juices flowing with Valentine's Day approaching. "LOVE: The strongest energy ever" ignited the fires of budding relationships during a story slam last night.

All it takes is a little stream of oration or slam poetry (but, please nix the oh-no-etry).

And guys will swoon for you.

Ben Jonson once said, "Language most shows a man; speak that I may see thee." The story telling launched people into extreme contemplation and meddled the waters of Cupid.

And then, the energy escalated into a hug-fest.

The love narratives continued with added zeal and pizazz...

[Lelaine Lau]

...as the crowd, sedated by love, lingered on every word.