"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Most Awkward NYC Easter Parade Outfits

by Mara Siegler · April 26, 2011

Everyone knows bonnets are just as much a part of Easter as Jesus and candy. But perhaps, New Yorkers know this best. They got creative with their head gear this year for the Easter Parade in the most unexpected ways possible. Take a look for the most awkward photos.

Bunny ears are standard, but this couple takes it to the next level by wearing them with a hat. Chances they are English: More likely than not.

These people were just trying to get across town. They had no idea there was a parade. But since they were there...

This man is making a profound statement on religion in the modern age. The woman next to him is lost in the chaos of the interconnected, iThis and iThat technological world.She's the colorful version of the Bing search overload commercial.

These woman have both been in strenuous neck muscle training for months to pull this off.  Worth. Every. Minute.

Even bunnies can be hipsters. They are the ones that lay organic eggs.

This woman loves Spring enough to forgo the use of her arms for an entire day. The man behind her with the pineapple hat is there to help  her eat, brush a hair away from her face, or do any of the other million general everyday activities that require the use of limbs.

And while everyone looked just about as awkward as possible, no one did it quite as well as this dog. Whether you think this is the most adorable form of animal abuse you have ever seen or you just think this is adorable, it's damn awkward.

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