"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Muppets And Flinstones At The Horned Ball

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 15, 2010

There was fake fur and dyed feathers galore at The Warsaw for Kostume Kult's Horned Ball. The Village Voice's nifty slideshow says the ball takes its inspiration from the New Cavemen Lifestyle, but our historical flashbacks were solely to old-school children's television.This is Kostume Kult's sixth such shindig, and all the revelers seemed to want to make it count. But the fun on display was more Grover-and-Gelflings than Geico. It took us back, not to the Neolithic, but to the rec room floors and basic cable of our youth . . .

Pebbles Flintstone Gone Wild.

Barney and Betty Rubble do it right.

If Clan of the Cave Bear had had Sprite, they would've been way friendlier.

Where The Wild Things Are goes cotton-candy colored.

It's nice when people divert from the model to give our Strigiformic friends their due. (Yes, we had to look up "strigiformic." The things we do so that you can have informative captions.)

Worlds collide.

We're veering into Pan's Labyrinth territory. Our maybe Chronicles of Narnia. It all blends together after a while.

More Pan's Labyrinth. SPOILER ALERT: The little girl dies.

The Last Unicorn!

Who are these hornless bystanders? Judging.

The Labyrinth Muppets went to college and discovered themselves.

It's Jennifer Connolly from Labyrinth. No, it doesn't matter that she's not brunette. No, it doesn't matter that that's a woman with her and not David Bowie. No, it doesn't matter that we have captioned thusly only because we wanted to talk about David Bowie in Labyrinth. Remember how tight his stirrup pants were?

This actually reminds us more of Project Runway: Canada. Iman hosts that, so the David Bowie connection makes the comparison apt.

You shall be our new David Bowie, vested man, and we shall make ourselves love you.

[All photos by Rebecca Smeyne for The Village Voice.]